About Us


Guy Delain

Guy is an editing and writing specialist who decided to pursue his passion for words by establishing TERRA EDITORS. He has wide experience from freelance work and more than 35 years in international trade during which he honed his skills as a wordsmith. He is a graduate with honours from Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. He loves the English language and feels pride in having helped many companies to achieve excellence in their communication. Connect with Guy Delain on LinkedIn
Gerd Breunung

Gerd Breunung

Gerd Breunung has 30 years of technical experience and is highly skilled in all aspects of engineering with an uncanny talent for making sense of even the most complicated technical dissertation. Any presentation involving highly technical matters is reduced to logical and easily understood English. We are lucky to have someone on staff with his fine sense of language and grammar.

Margaret Song

Chinese language Coordinator.
Margaret Song comes eminently qualified with several years of professional media experience as News Anchor for Fairchild Television in Vancouver.  The Chinese language is her passion, both in Teaching and in Public Relations.
You can reach Margaret through the following email:   m.song@TerraEditors.com

The editorial support team…

Consists of highly qualified language experts who love the challenge of bringing the English language to a state of perfection.   Now to get started with Terra Editors please upload your documents here.